Friday, December 9, 2011

Joining the Dots..

Tomorrow is 10th Dec, the day my parents got married 25 years back; of course I wasn’t a witness of it. But as photographs speaks, it looks like my mom was the most beautiful bride and my dad was the most handsome groom. Of course after a year, I popped out making their world much more beautiful and seven years later my sister came along, thus completing our family.

When today I look back, I see all happy as well as sad moments we have spent together. I have seen the strength with which they overcame their differences and the love that they always gave us. No matter how bad the day was it always ended with a sweet hug. All my life I have heard from the people around me that consistency is most important. Even in cricket we like a batsman for his consistent performance. According to me, my parents can be given the best opening batsmen and the most consistent performers tag at the same time.

Their dedication towards their marriage and their love for each other has brought them through many ups and downs in life. Inu and me are so glad to be brought up by them and be a part of their life that no words can express. An artist is known for this best creation while the work of parents gets reflected in their children. A person who
knows my family will agree that my parents are true artist.

This post is dedicated to my parents for their love, understanding and hard work which makes our life beautiful.